Thank you for steering yourself here to our donation page! This project is 100% volunteer-based (we take no salaries), and it runs only on donations. We aim to keep things open and transparent and want you to know exactly what your donated dollars go to supporting. Speaking literally, all contributions go to the expenses of rent, web hosting, music licensing protection, and studio equipment directly. This together is a heavy combined cost, and every single dollar that is donated goes a looooong way as we operate on a shoestring budget.

Philosophically speaking, your donation is a vote. A vote for the viability of The Ground, but also a vote to support independent voices, thoughts and conversations often ignored in mainstream platforms. It’s a vote to hear under-represented music and sound that makes you stop, listen, and contemplate. It’s a vote to show the Hudson Valley and beyond that our diverse voices can impact our lives in a positive and meaningful way, and that we can all have some fun along the road that gets us there.

Seriously, every donation counts. Thank you so much for your support. We greatly appreciate it.