How do I apply for a show?

That’s an easy one.  Navigate to the bottom of the website, and click on the “application” link.  You’ll be able to fill out an online application form there.


Are all show applications automatically accepted?

No.  We are looking for shows that are complementary to our current content, and that also push outward the idea of underrepresented art, music, talk, and community.  


How long does it take to review an application?

It depends.  We’re running on volunteers’ donated time.  That said, it could take a day, or a week.  We’ll make sure to review and respond each application.  Thanks for your patience!


What is the time commitment for doing a show?

We provide studio space, you provide 1 hour a month minimum for music shows, ½ hour a month for talk. Max is 2 hours for either.


How do I find my favorite show?

Click the “Explore” link at the top of the website, and type the show’s name into the search bar.  


How do I contact a show host?

Show hosts can only be contacted if they have chosen to post their contact information on the show page.  If they haven’t, you can always try to find them elsewhere on the internet — good luck!


Why can’t I hear any music/sound?

We’re not sure.  Is your volume turned on/up?  If so, it should be working fine.  If it isn’t, please email us at


Are you hiring, or accepting interns?

The Ground operates 100% on volunteerism.  That said, we’re not hiring.  We are constantly looking for new shows, audio technicians, PR people, etc.  If you’re interested, please email us at with a little about you, and how you’d like to get involved.


Can I upload previously-recorded content as a new show?

Hmmmm… this isn’t one of those yes or no answers — it’s more a “it depends” sort of situation.  In this case, we’d suggest filling-out an application, and explaining the purpose of adding previously-recorded content, and additionally, how your content will enhance The Ground’s community of listeners and content producers.


I have studio equipment I’d like to donate.  How do I physically give it to you?

Thank you so much!  Let’s start with an email to that explains the equipment/materials (images, explanation, etc.).  From there, we can work on coordinating a drop-off at our Beacon, NY location, or perhaps even a pickup from yours.


I’d like to support The Ground with a monetary donation.  What’s the best way?

Thanks so much!  Click the “Donate” link at the top of our website.  This will allow you to make a credit card donation through paypal.  We can also accept checks and provide a tax-exemption for your donation, if necessary.  Please email us at if interested.


How can I find out when shows air?

Funny you should ask! We have an Air Schedule link at the bottom of the page. Please check in there and if you have further questions, e mail us at


How long do you keep up the archived content?

For now the aim is up to 1 years worth of shows, or until we get filled up and need some space!